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Agenda for Monday's Parish Council Meeting

By Trevor Haylett Charlwood Parish Council

Thursday, 16 January 2020


Charlwood Parish Council Contributor


The Agenda for the next meeting of Charlwood Parish Council can be viewed by clicking here.

The meeting is at the Charlwood Pavilion on Monday 20th January at 8pm. Those residents intending to attend and who have a particular interest in the Traffic Calming measures for both Charlwood and Hookwood should note that there is unlikely to be much discussion by Councillors under Item 9. That is because a meeting of the Traffic Calming sub-committee will take place two days later so any meaningful discussion by the Parish Council won't happen until after that meeting.

However residents are still welcome to attend on Monday and ask any questions/make any comment in regard to traffic calming under Items 4 and 11.

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Trevor Haylett

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