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Finances: General

Parish Councils spend public money and their finances are scrutinised closely by both an Internal and External Auditor. As part of the process, which takes place at the end of every financial year, parishioners have the right to inspect the accounting records and other documents. 

Before the start of a new financial year, the Parish Council sets a budget for the next 12 months based on an estimated income. The biggest share of that income is made up of the Parish precept which is collected by Mole Valley District Council (MVDC) on behalf of the Parish Council through the Council Tax.

In addition MVDC provide the Concurrent Grant, which is a contribution towards paying for services that the district council used to provide, and an additional grant provided in relation to the localisation of Council Tax Support (previously managed by central government) that became effective a few years ago.

The expense of maintaining the Pavilion, the Recreation Ground and the Millennium Field in Charlwood as well as The Withey in Hookwood and the playgrounds in both villages, forms a large portion of the Parish Council’s expenditure. Five part-time staff are employed and wages and pension commitments account for roughly a third of all expenditure.

Additional income is earned through hiring out the facilities at the Recreation Ground, the football pitch and cricket ground and the community room in the Pavilion. However the cost of maintaining the football pitch is considerable as is the cost of maintaining the trees, hedges and fences in all the open spaces.

Major projects planned for the future include combating the traffic problems that plague both villages on a daily basis and to provide a much-needed car park in Charlwood. 

Charlwood Parish Council's Annual Governance and Accountability Return (AGAR) for previous years can be viewed below along with the External Audit Certificates and Internal Audit Reports.