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Councillors and Parish Council Employees

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Lisa Scott



Mob: 07766 501801

Contact Hours:



Sue Bloom

01293 863771

Mon - Fri  09:00 - 1700

Carolyn Evans



01293 862696


Walter Hill    


01293 862327

Mo-Fr 0600-0700/1500-1700

Sa,Su 1500-1700


David McCorquodale


07899 991166

Can be contacted at any time


Richard Parker

01293 785072

Mob: 07889 060701


Trevor Stacey



01293 862865

Mon-Fri 0900-1700


Trevor Haylett    




Parish Council Office Address:

Rose Cottage, 11 Cotmandene

Dorking RH4 2BL

01306 881942

Mob: 079170 88264

Mon-Fri 0900-1700

​Please note: part-time hours

Assistant Clerk  

Helen Hill    



01293 862327 

Mob: 07415 367196

Mon-Fri 0900-1700

Please note: part-time hours


Nick Speakman    


01293 862670

Mob: 07778 547525


Please note: part-time hours 

Withey Inspection  

Ann Billinghurst      

County Councillor    

Helyn Clack    


01293 862221

Mob: 07817 745843


Mole Valley District Councillors   

Lesley Bushnell

Jo Farrar-Astrop

Alcia Loach

01306 711275

07546 105150

At the Annual Parish Council Meeting held on 16th May 2022, it was agreed that these Councillors would sit on these Committees/Groups for the next 12 months:-
Penny Shoubridge - FIN, S&A, PH&E, TC, ST, GWG, PaH, GATCOM (sub), JS, SWI, RS
Carolyn Evans - FIN, PH&E, ST, GWG, GATCOM
Walter Hill - S&A, 
James O'Neill - FIN, S&A, ST
Richard Parker - FIN, S&A, ST, JS, HMHT
Howard Pearson - PH&E, RS
Lisa Scott-Conte - PH&E, TC, SWI, RS
Trevor Stacey - S&A, TC, RS
Sue Bloom - PH&E, TC

The Committees/Groups are -
FIN - Finance
S&A - Services and Amenities
PH&E - Planning, Highways and Environment
TC - Traffic Calming & Car Parks
ST - Staffing 
GWG - Gatwick Working Group
PaH - Parish Hall
HMHT - Hookwood Memorial Hall Trust
GATCOM - Gatwick Area Consultative Committee
JS - Jean Shelley Archive Room
SWI - Save West of Ifield Group
RS – Resilience Committee

The following members of the public have been co-opted onto these Committees/Groups:-

GWG - Hilary Sewill and Peter Barclay
TC - Jackie Tyrrell, Martin Needham and Peter Barclay
JS - Janet Cookson, Martin Needham, Stephen Dickinson and John Shelley.

In addition:

Forum of Local Parish Councils – Councillors will rotate this role
Tony Hills sits on the Parish Hall committee as a representative of the Parish Council
The Clerk sits on FIN, GWG, TC and has delegated authority to attend the Horse Hill Action Group as an observer
The Assistant Clerk sits on S&A