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Casual Vacancy

Following the recent retirement of Mr Nick Hague there is now a vacancy for a Councillor to represent the Charlwood Ward on Charlwood Parish Council.

The elected members are looking for one Charlwood resident to be co-opted onto the Parish Council.

If you are interested in applying for the vacancy it might be useful to read the document below on Becoming a Parish Councillor. Applicants should then write a letter of interest to the Parish Clerk at the address below or send an email to You should include the information shown at the bottom of this page and also give details of any previous community or council experience; any other skills you can bring to the Council, your interests and recent career history. Also include your reasons for wishing to be a Councillor.

Applications will need to be received by Friday 12th March 2021 and the Parish Council will consider the candidates at the full Council Meeting to be held at 8:00pm on Monday 15th March 2021.

The Parish Council has a number of committees that deal with aspects of the Parish Council’s roles and responsibilities: Finance Committee, Planning & Highways Committee, Services and Amenities Committee. Further details of the services the Parish Council provide can be obtained from the Clerk, contact details as below.

Co-option of a Parish Councillor – information needed:-

Name: (in full): Address: Telephone (Day) and (Evening): Email:

You must be able to answer “Yes” to at least one of the following four questions to be eligible:

(a) Are you a registered as a Local Government Elector at your address above? Yes / No

(b) Do you reside in the Parish Ward of Charlwood, or within 3 miles? Yes / No

(c) Do you occupy land or premises within the Parish Ward of Charlwood? Yes / No

(d) Is your main place of work within Parish Ward of Charlwood? Yes / No


Trevor Haylett
Clerk to the Parish Council
Rose Cottage
11 Cotmandene