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Uncontested Parish Council election

By Trevor Haylett Charlwood Parish Council

Thursday, 6 April 2023


Charlwood Parish Council Contributor


At Tuesday's deadline for nominations for the Parish Council elections to be delivered, there were seven candidates for the nine available seats meaning that it is an uncontested election and all seven are duly elected for the new four-year term which begins in May.

Existing Councillors who will continue to serve on the Parish Council are: Sue Bloom, Carolyn Evans, Walter Hill, Richard Parker, Lisa Scott and Trevor Stacey and they are joined by a new Councillor in David McCorquodale. Richard Parker and Lisa Scott represent the Hookwood ward; the other five represent the Charlwood ward.

There is a vacancy for one more Councillor to represent Charlwood and one more to represent Hookwood. The Parish Council will attempt to fill these vacancies by co-opting two additional Councillors and information will be posted about this process at a later date.

Councillors Penny Shoubridge, James O'Neill and Howard Pearson decided not to stand at this election. The Parish Council thank them for their long and distinguished service, particularly Penny Shoubridge who for the past four years has chaired the PC with energy and outstanding committment to the needs of the local community.

There will still be elections for the District Council seats on Thursday 4th May. The Charlwood ward has now been subsumed into a new ward along with Capel, Leigh and Newdigate - ten candidates are standing and there are three seats to be filled. Click here to view the Notice of Election which contains the list of candidates.

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