PRESS RELEASE 23 October, 2018
Gatwick Airport Draft Masterplan
Charlwood Parish Council strongly opposes the use of the emergency runway as a second runway, in whatever guise it may be presented. 
The use of the emergency runway would significantly increase the amount of aircraft movements at Gatwick, during the times when it is already at it busiest. Being north of the existing main runway, such movements would significantly increase the noise and pollution experienced by the residents within our parish. Road capacity with the parish is already overcrowded and we cannot cope with the extra traffic that increased flights would bring. The Master Plan provides no detail of how these pressures will be addressed or paid for. We will respond to the consultation in detail once we have considered its content in full.
We have opposed past proposals because of the severe impact another runway would have on the environment and quality of life in the parish. It is hard to imagine that any new options will come forward that would lead the Parish Council to a different conclusion.”Our concerns about a second runway remain.

Peter Barclay, Clerk to Council

Martin Needham, Chairman

Link to Gatwick’s Draft Master Plan:

Link to Summary of the Draft Master Plan:

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