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Statement on Brickfield Lane sale

By Trevor Haylett Charlwood Parish Council

Friday, 3 July 2020


Charlwood Parish Council Contributor


The following statement has been published to explain the sale of the land at Brickfield Lane, Hookwood:

The Parish Council took the decision earlier this year to sell the parcel of land it owns in Brickfield Lane, Hookwood – part grass, part tarmac – to realise a significant asset for the parish and to bolster funds for the many projects that need tackling in both Charlwood and Hookwood.

A neighbour had been pressing the Parish Council for a number of years to sell them the land but it was decided, in order to be fair to everyone, that it had to go on the open market.

The interest in the land was greater than the Parish Council anticipated and attracted offers far in excess of the £15,000 advertised price. Potential purchasers were asked if they would agree to a set of conditions such as not permitting a mobile home or more than a single shed on the land.

At a recent meeting to consider the offers, Councillors approved another neighbour as the highest bidder and their offer was accepted. Within 48 hours a higher offer came in and the legal advice was that the higher offer had to be considered unless there were compelling reasons not to. The Parish Council was further advised to invite “sealed and final” offers from all those who had expressed an interest, with a deadline of noon on 22nd June. At that juncture there were two offers on the table – one significantly higher than the other – and as per the advice received from the governing body of Parish Councils, SALC, the Parish Council was required to accept the higher offer in order to ensure best benefit of the entire parish. There could be repercussions for a Local Authority if it fails to realise as much money as it could for an asset it is selling.

The buyer has promised to liaise with both neighbours and even rent to them however much of the land they require for their own purposes at a “peppercorn” rent.

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